TAG Farnborough Airport introduces new noise measure


From 1st January 2013 ,only aircraft that meet the ICAO Chapter IV noise regulations will be able to use the airport in Farnborough, UK.

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TAG Farnborough Airport has introduced a new measure to manage noise around the airport. Since 1st January 2013, jet aircraft that do not meet the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) ‘Chapter IV’ standard have been banned from using the airport.  This noise standard is ICAO’s most stringent and quietest classification for jet aircraft.

‘Chapter IV’ is the latest in a series of noise certification standards for jet aircraft that it has introduced over the past 40 years.

“By enforcing the highest existing standard, we have taken an industry-leading approach to phasing out all but the most modern and quietest categories of jet aircraft,” said Miles Thomas, environment manager at TAG Farnborough Airport.  “As outlined in our 2009 Master Plan, we are committed to minimising noise in and around the airport and will continue to work with our neighbours and experts to identify ways of making further improvements.”

To ensure compliance with the new noise regulations, TAG Farnborough Airport requires approved noise certificates before permission can be granted to land or take-off.  Approximately 300 flights that occurred in 2012 would not meet the new standard.

Implementation of the new noise standard at TAG Farnborough Airport was agreed with Rushmoor Borough Council in 2011 as part of approval for a phased increase in the number of permitted aircraft movements from 28,000 to 50,000 per year through to 2019.

TAG Farnborough Airport is one of the first airports in Europe to introduce this new noise regulation measure.