SyberJet SJ30i’s maiden flight


The SyberJet SJ30i has flown for the first time, although the firm did not announce details on how long the flight lasted. Nonetheless the photo accompanying the press release showed tail number N50SJ.

According to flight-tracking website N50SJ flew twice last week. The first time was a one hour and 58-minute flight, the second lasted 35 minutes with both flights taking off and landing at San Antonio International Airport. San Antonio is home to the SyberJet Engineering campus.

“We completed all of the test points planned for the first flight and got a look at how much easier the cockpit and systems are to manage with the new Honeywell Epic 2.0 cockpit,” said Mark Elwess chief engineering test pilot, SyberJet. “The SJ30i known as the fastest and longest ranged light jet on the market now has a cockpit to lead us into the next generation.”

According to the FlightAware track log, the aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 10,000ft, and a maximum speed of 429mph.

As of now SyberJet SJ30i will be used as a test platform for the new avionics suite that will be used in the production SJ30x.

“The SJ30i takes the original SJ30-2 to the next level. While it remains the fastest and longest-range jet in its class, the SJ30 now has all of the advances in cockpit and electronic design to make it simply the finest light jet available,” says Mark Fairchild, vice president of customer experience, SyberJet. “In addition, the SJ30i also features an all-new interior design in conjunction with the lowest cabin altitude of any business jet flying today to provide a bespoke experience for its passengers and crew.”

Only seven SJ30is will exist. All aircraft will be converted from SJ30-2 standard and will come with a new interior, which again will be in use on the SJ30x which will itself be an SJ30i with uprated engines.