Surf Air Europe starts services from London City Airport


SurfAir Europe Embraer Phenom 300 at London City Airport

Surf Air Europe has started regular services from the London City Airport Business Jet Centre.

The first flight left London City just after noon on 12th December 2017, and passengers included a Swiss property director flying home to Zug in Switzerland, a British fashion director, and a British entrepreneur who owns a number of companies, including one selling wines and champagnes.

The flights are operated by Embraer Phenom 300 business jets fitted with eight seats. They connect to other Surf Air Europe flights from Zurich to European cities, which are being operated by the Pilatus PC-12 single-engine turboprop.

Simon Talling-Smith, CEO of Surf Air Europe, had listened to members who suggested that operating from London City was better for them and he gained agreement from the airport to move the Zurich service there.


Talling-Smith (pictured above) spoke to Corporate Jet Investor about some of his ideas for expanding the Surf Air service into new markets in Europe. He spoke of the expansion of its services in Germany and sees further growth in that market.

CJI: “In the last year,what has it been like running the company?”

Talling-Smith: “It’s been hugely exciting in the last year. We have taken what was a blank sheet of canvas, there was no Surf Air in Europe. We brought this amazing innovative new model from California and started up here in Europe.

“We acquired a plane, struck up contracts with the airports, setting up the slots at airports etc. We’ve been out telling the story to our new members about the Surf Air model, who are having their lives changed. It makes it so much easier, taking away the airport frustrations, travelling in the comfort they expect from a company like Surf Air. It makes their travel much more convienent and most importantly of all, saves them time.”

CJI: “What are some of the things you thinking of doing in the next year?”

Talling-Smith: “Well, Surf Air in the next year is going to, first off, continue to grow its core route of London to Zurich. Then we are going to be adding new aircraft into our hub at Zurich, flying into Luxembourg and Munich, etc.

“Those routes will be interestingly operated by the Pilatus PC-12, used so successfully by Surf Air in California. We are really excited to be one of the first commercial operators of that aircraft in Europe.”

Surf Air is looking to the future and might start operations in the Middle East and India.

Here is a short video of the first departure from London City.