Stratajet is now open for business to UK charter companies


Stratjet is inviting selected UK charter companies to add their aircraft to its new real-time online booking service.

Stratajet, the new online booking service for private aircraft, is now inviting selected UK-based charter companies to add their aircraft to its new technology-driven marketplace.

Aircraft are registered and managed for no charge in Stratafleet, an online application that interacts with Stratajet.

Through Stratafleet, charter companies will benefit from access to real-time airfield pricing and a number of operational tools intended to make operations easier and more productive.

Stratajet has also announced integration with Leon Software, whose clients will be able to take immediate advantage of the system. In addition to Leon, Stratajet has put tools in place to integrate with both internal and other third party operations software.

“Business as usual threatens our industry’s viability. Scheduled airlines are fast becoming more convenient than flying private. This is unacceptable. To survive, and to grow again, we have to change. Stratajet can help private aviation bring about this change.” said Jonathan Nicol, Stratajet founder.

Nicol added: “Our vision is to propel the industry forward. We are unashamed to be a force for change, and are prepared for what will be a long road ahead. Working closely with charter operators and other partners, we will build market share, revenues, and profits for the business aviation sector. Together, we can and will resurrect this industry and restore vibrancy.”

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