Jonny Nicol of Stratajet reacts to Paul Touw’s Stellar Labs

Jonathan Nicol, Stratajet

Jonny Nicol, managing director of Stratajet.

Jonny Nicol, CEO of Stratajet, has reacted to our piece announcing the launch of Stellar a new online marketplace. 

Stratajet was launched in 2010 and went live on September 28, 2015 for Europe. Both sites will be launching in the US at NBAA 2015 in Las Vegas.

Jonny Nicol writes:

“Stellar is right. There are a lot of people offering apps. But they are wrong when they say they are creating the first complete marketplace. Stratajet has already created the first complete marketplace and it is live and generating bookings in minutes in 44 countries with the US launch at NBAA.

With our consumer-facing site, free inventory management system for operators (Stratafleet), integration with handling services (StrataFBO) and ability to price landing fees, we are the first end-to-end marketplace offering out there.

At Stratajet, a customer can search for and book a jet in under three minutes without any calls or middlemen involvement. Actual prices are displayed within seconds. The customers and operators we work with love this as we’ve made a time-consuming, labour-intensive task more efficient.

In fact, just in the last week, Stratajet has generated the exact price for over 50,000 charter trips, saving operators over 12,500 hours of quoting. This is the equivalent to operators replying to a quote every 15 minutes for a year and a half.

But we are not just disrupting how things used to work, we are also growing the market as our ground-breaking technology allows pricing efficiency: By selecting the best located aircraft to minimise expensive repositioning costs; and by re-engineering existing empty legs to suit customer needs and at the same time maximising operator profitability

In addition, the Stratajet technology offers postcode to postcode flight optimisation through which Stratajet recommends the best airfields optimised for journey times or costs, tailored to stated customer preference.

These automated features are unique to Stratajet – a first for the industry. And they are already a reality, not just theory.”

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