Barclays London Heliport responds to fatal helicopter crash


Barclays London Heliport have issued a statement after a a helicopter crashed in Central London just before 8am this morning.

Barclays London HeliportA helicopter crashed in central London this morning, close to Vauxhall Bridge, killing two people just before 08:00 GMT.

The helicopter involved was a twin-engine Agusta 109 and was flown by Pete Barnes from Rotormotion charter, who was killed, along with a person on the ground.

The Barclays London Heliport have published the following statement:

“The helicopter involved in the accident was not destined in to the London Heliport.

However, we received a request from Heathrow air traffic control to accept the helicopter, which requested to be diverted due to bad weather.

Earlier in the helicopter’s journey the pilot had been receiving an air traffic control service from NATS. The heliport never gained contact with the helicopter.

The Heliport will be closed for the rest of the day.

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all of those involved in this tragic accident.”