Sparfell Aviation Group acquires LaudaMotion


Sparfell Aviation Group, the Switzerland-based group that includes leasing, design, consultancy and private jet operations divisions, has acquired Austria-based operator LaudaMotion.

LaudaMotion had been headed by Formula 1 racing car legend Niki Lauda until his death in May 2019.

Sparfell says that Lauda had originally approached it about a partnership in a view to raising further working capital to help expand the business, but given his passing it was decided that Sparfell would take over operations of the company.

The Vienna-based operator will be come under Sparfell Airways, with Edward Queffelec assuming responsibility for all 60 of LaudaMotion’s employees.

“Through the acquisition of LaudaMotion Executive, Sparfell Aviation Group is now able to offer our clients private jet charter, consolidating our offering to provide the turnkey solution they expect,” says Edward Queffelec, CEO, Sparfell Airways. “We could not dream of a better partner to achieve this than LaudaMotion Executive, an IS-BAO-certified operator with more than 15 years of experience in aircraft operation.”

LaudaMotion currently operates 13 private jets, including the first Bombardier Global 7500 to be delivered into Europe.

“It was important for Niki Lauda that LaudaMotion Executive be acquired by a company that represents the same values that he stood for: a true passion for aviation and dedication to our clients,” says Gottfried Neumeister, CEO, NL Holding. “This is why he ultimately chose Sparfell Aviation Group and the Queffelec family.”