Smyrna Air Centre starts flight test


Company has recently started flight test and data recording programme for the new GE H80 engine and the Power90 conversion

Smyrna Air CenterSmyrna Air Center will be at the NBAA in the Convention Center and have recently started
testing and data collecting on the new GE H80 engine and the Power90

The GE H80 engine is the
next step up in performance for the Power90 conversion. Flight testing
will confirm the improved performance that the GE H80 will provide to the King
Air 90 as well as the true airspeed increase the aircraft will gain in cruise.
The program will gather performance data from the GE H80 up to the King Air’s
maximum service ceiling of FL300.

“Smyrna Air Center and its team are working to
ensure that we maximize the data collection. To accomplish the testing
objective, Smyrna Air Center
has selected the Electronics International MVP-50T system to be used in the test
aircraft”, said Neal Ropp, vice president and general manager for Smyrna Air

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