SmartSky and partners launch weather prediction app #NBAA


SmartSky has teamed up with JetNet partner Flash AI, AvMet and Meandair to launch WX+, an app that will integrate weather prediction services.

Demonstrated at NBAA-BACE 2022, SmartSky said the system (pictured) will allow highly accurate real-time data to be fed to operators, airports and FBOs up to 24-hours ahead of time and eliminate the need for multiple screens and apps on service desks. As a result, time and money could be saved and safety could be enhanced, according to SmartSky.

The WX app gives advance warning on severe airborne weather and ground conditions on a live map, helping to avoid delays and turbulence. Incidents can also be debriefed by combining flight tracks, audio and weather information. Operational analytics and notifications are integrated, and issues like noise complaints can be researched by street address through data on low-flying activity on a given date.

Flash AI will offer “unprecedented accuracy in lightning prediction up to two hours in advance of the first strike,” according to SmartSky, while AvMet’s Weather Impact Outlook system predicts the impact on key arrival and departure corridors up to 24-hours ahead of time. Meandair’s WXNowCasting service allows planning for the safest routes around thunderstorms, rain and turbulence on the flight path.

“By connecting the algorithmic nowcasting and AI capabilities of predictive weather providers with a capability for monitoring and measuring aviation operations, we are increasing situational awareness and efficiency for FBOs and operators,” said Brit Wanick, vice president of Marketing and Partnerships, SmartSky. “Together with our partners, we are enabling the development of innovative applications, like WX+, that deliver better outcomes for the entire connected business aviation industry.”


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