SmartSky and Honeywell showcase new nationwide network



Improved inflight connectivity is creating new opportunities for business aviation, according to SmartSky Networks CEO, David Helfgott.

Following his presentation at our CJI Miami 2022 conference, (captured in the video above), SmartSky Networks and Honeywell Aerospace are showcasing SmartSky’s air-to-ground (ATG) connectivity through test flights across the US.

Starting next month, the two firms will be conducting demonstration flights in California, Washington and Texas, to give potential customers a first-hand look at the SmartSky service and Honeywell’s connected applications.

Following the NBAA-BACE event, the companies flew prospective clients from Orlando to their chosen destination, with one flying to Dallas with five passengers. According to SmartSky, all on board consumed multiple gigabytes of data during the flight.

“Customers need a relatable measure to compare the value of inflight connectivity systems,” said Adam Sheppard, director, Aircraft Connectivity, Honeywell Aerospace.

Peak speeds don’t describe what you can actually do when connected, experiencing the service on a typical flight is the ultimate test,” he added.

Sheppard added that the demonstration flights will also give MRO partners the opportunity to experience SmartSky’s advanced ATG connectivity hardware and service for themselves.

For SmartSky’s president, Ryan Stone, the collaboration between the two companies was key into creating a Wifi offering that met everyone’s expectations.

“That expectation includes one simple install and activation with a timely return to service,” he said.