SkyMark Executive ‘poised for growth’ after winning San Marino AOC

Gulfstream 405 corporate jet with an executive car.

Private jet charters offer a seamless service.

SkyMark Executive, the San Marino-based private jet operator and charter business, is “poised for growth” after winning a San Marino Air Operator Certificate (AOC), Farid G Gharzeddine, the company’s founder and MD tells CJI.

“Winning a San Marino Air Operator Certificate is a significant achievement for any aviation company,” said Gharzeddine. This certificate signifies that the company has met rigorous safety, operational and regulatory standards, and elevates it to leading airline safety standards.”

Armed with its AOC, together with its expanding client base and flight management record, SkyMark is focused on attracting aircraft owners who are looking for professional team to manage their business jets and conduct commercial charter operations, according to the company. “The AOC gives market access that allows the aviation company to legally offer commercial air transportation services to the public,” said Gharzeddine. “This opens up opportunities to enter global markets, serve clients and compete with global carriers.”

SkyMark Executive has more than 27 years’ experience of business aviation and opened its Dubai office in 2016. The company aims to create long-term partnerships and alliances with stakeholders who share their business ethics, and help them achieve their business objectives, said Gharzeddine. The company operates a Gulfstream G450.

In addition to charter flight, SkyMark Executive also offers consultancy services to aircraft owners designed to manage and reduce operating costs, whilst increasing safety standards and charter revenues. SkyMark stands out by offering a combination of exceptional and personalised services, experienced and professional crew, privacy and security and a strong reputation,” claimed Gharzeddine.

“Post pandemic, the charter market soared to unprecedented levels and the peak has passed in my opinion,” he said. “We are going through a stable period in this sector for a while, but with a growing and aggressive market competition.” While the competitive landscape might lead to more favourable pricing for customers, the seasonality of demand (including other market factors), jeopardises the continuity of some aircraft operators, said Gharzeddine. Many companies could soon run out of business, he added. “The preferences of clients, such as demand for personalised services, luxurious interiors, and customised travel experiences, can shape market conditions as companies strive to meet these demands.”

SkyMark Executive also detects an increasing awareness of environmental topics that might influence clients’ preferences for more sustainable aviation options. This could play a key role in shaping demand for charter services. Other factors influencing market conditions for aircraft management and charter services include: economic trends, industry demand, regulatory changes and geopolitical events, he said.

“The aviation sector is known to be challenging and it is therefore fundamental to maintain a strong position in the market by keeping up with all technological advancements, economic conditions and environmental trends and strive to meet customer preferences and demands,” concluded Gharzeddine.

Meanwhile, Gharzeddine is already planning the launch of SkyMark Elite, aiming to  establish the business by 2030.