Skyjet website now offers instant jet booking


The Nextant 400XT is the world's first 're-manufactured' business jet.

Skyjet has introduced enhancements to its website. Visitors to the new can now utilise an instant booking feature that empowers them to select the exact type of jet they need from a custom fleet, see the price and book their flight online instantly using a credit card, wire transfer or funds on account.

All of the same features that give users such a seamless booking experience on Skyjet’s iPhone app are now available on its website.

Greg Richman, president of Skyjet said: “We are an aviation company first and foremost, and so we take pride in making it as easy as possible for people to travel by accessing private aircraft in an on-demand fashion. Booking aircraft directly through our new website gives people yet another way to gain on-demand access to private aircraft without the hassle of upfront financial commitments and membership fees.”

When users want to book a jet, they can do so immediately with Skyjet Max instant booking. Skyjet Max offers visitors instant, exclusive charter access to a fleet of aircraft set aside just for Skyjet clients.

If visitors to the new do not see the type of jet they want under the Skyjet Max instant booking option, they may request a traditional quote through the site for a particular aircraft.

Richman added: “As one of the world’s leading charter providers, we are constantly evaluating how we can best meet the needs of private jet travellers. Given that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how people choose to charter a jet, we have taken steps to ensure we are giving them as many ways as possible to access a private aircraft.”

Richman said: “At Skyjet, we offer a simple promise. We provide private jet fliers ‘Expertise on Demand’ for each and every trip, regardless of whether they book their flight using, the Skyjet on-demand booking app for iPhone or through the traditional means of a telephone conversation or email exchange. No matter how you reach us, we will provide the finest and most responsive service in the private jet travel industry.”

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