SkyAlps and Tamarack sign LoI to develop ‘world’s most efficient’ regional aircraft


SkyAlps has signed a letter of intent (LoI) with Tamarack Aerospace to develop “the world’s most efficient regional aircraft”. 

SkyAlps plans to operate a highly modified DeHavilland Q400 regional aircraft that features significant emissions reductions, such as Tamarack’s Eco-SmartWing technology. SkyAlps is expected to reveal details of a demonstration tour from Bolzano, Italy to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and then to Tokyo, Japan in November of this year. The airline, founded in 2020, has a fleet of four Q400s and offers charter flights during the summer season.

The companies will also be showcasing their innovations at the Paris Air Show next week. Two US congressional aviation leaders are expected to attend the air show and will give their views on the importance of global partnerships featuring sustainable technology between aviation firms like SkyAlps and Tamarack. 

Details of the SkyAlps’ and Tamarack upgraded Q400 aircraft and the appearance of the US congressional leaders will be announced before the show begins on Monday.