Sino Jet introduces new branding, expects to take three Legacy 650s in 2015


Hong Kong based charter and management company Sino Jet say that they will take delivery of three Embraer Legacy 650s during 2015.

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Sino Jet used the recent ABACE show to introduce a new branding concept, following the acquisition of the company by in 2014 by Tsinghua Capital.

Tsinghua merged its own Jet Bear operations into Sino Jet, with the newly merged company sharing bases in both Beijing and Hong Kong.

The company’s new branding uses twin representations of the dragon and the phoenix, with the logo’s colour’s of red and blue symbolising the balance between fire and water.

“The birth of the brand-new Sino Jet brings about a fundamental transformation in the concept of services provision. It will bring a breath of fresh air to the business jet market in Asia. Our consolidated resources
and platforms will provide a one-stop shop for the highest level of safety, transparency and convenience for our clients. I am sure that the birth of Sino Jet will bring forth a silent revolution in the business jet market.” said Sino Jet’s Vice President for Greater China, Jenny Lau.

Sino Jet and Boeing both jointly displayed a Boeing BBJ1 at the ABACE show that Sino Jet currently manage.

As well as its managed fleets based in Beijing and Hong Kong, Sino Jet also independently operates five other business jets, with three further Legacy 650s expected to join the fleet by the end of the year.

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