Singapore and Hong Kong governments respond to AsBAA


Governments in Singapore and Hong Kong have outlined what they are doing to support business aviation companies in response to letters from the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA).

The Office of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the People’s Republic of China says that as well as other measures helping all companies they have:

“As far as the aviation sector is concerned, the Government will provide one-off subsidy of HK$1 million ($130,000) per large aircraft registered in Hong Kong, HK$200,000 ($26,000) per small aircraft as well as up to HK$3 million (with 100 employees or above)/HK$1 million (with less than 100 employees) to each aviation support services and cargo facilities operator.”

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore also highlighted other measures that the country was doing for all companies before adding:

“More specific to aviation, business aviation companies registered in Singapore, and their supporting service providers who are tenants of Changi Airport Group or government agencies, will be offered rental rebates or waivers. Any proposed revisions to aeronautical charges at Seletar Airport, which typically serves business aviation flights, will also be deferred till after 31 March 2021. We have put in place requirements for operators to provide for the continuation of BA flights to Singapore while protecting the health and safety of crew, passengers and the airport community. Details are provided in the attached CAAS Circular 2020/29 and CAAS Directive No.5. Ground handling agents handling BA aircraft have also been whitelisted as essential firms to support the operations during this “Circuit Breaker” period.”

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