Sikorsky announce that the S-76C++ is sold out


Company officially closes S-76C++ production

Sikorsky S-76DSikorsky Aircraft has announced the S-76C++ helicopter is officially sold out. The company is closing production of the S-76++ as it is being replaced by the S-76D helicopter. First customer deliveries of the new model will start in 2012.

“With aircraft number 822, the last S-76C++ helicopter closes out that production program and we are looking forward to introducing the newest version in the series, the S-76D, when we deliver the first aircraft to the launch customer next year,” said Tim Fox, senior program manager for the S-76 helicopter program. “The helicopter market is beginning to show optimism again. The S-76 C++ aircraft weathered that storm and the S-76D helicopter will carry forward a legacy of durability and safety to a new generation of customers.”

Since its inception in 1979, the S-76 helicopter program has introduced six variations including the S-76C++, introducing improvements during that time that included more powerful engines and an inlet barrier filter to provide improved engine protection and smoother airflow.

“The S-76 helicopter continues to be the premier executive aircraft around the world. The fleet has logged 5.8 million flight hours, and Sikorsky is committed to remaining at the forefront of aircraft safety as the S-76D steps up to write the next chapter in the history of this successful program,” said Ed Beyer, vice president of Sikorsky Global Helicopters.

In November 2010, the S-76D helicopter program entered into certification flight status at the Sikorsky Development Flight Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. This is the final phase of the test program that provides critical data for FAA sea-level certification, expected by Q4 2011. Two prototype aircraft are in flight status, with a third preparing to enter the flight test program. All three prototypes were manufactured at the Sikorsky Global Helicopters facility.

The new generation S-76D helicopter will perform an array of civil missions including executive transport, offshore oil, emergency medical services, and a multi-mission role.