Sikorsky has FAA approval to extend life on some S92 main rotor hubs


Sikorsky Aerospace Services now has FAA approval to extend the life of particular serial number S-92 helicopter main rotor hubs using health and usage monitiring system (HUMS).

Sikorsky Aircraft has received FAA approval to grant life extensions for the main rotor hub on S-92 helicopter platform. Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) will have the ability to utilise health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) data to determine a one-time life adjustment for particular serial number main rotor hubs in accordance with a methodology accepted by the FAA.

“Beyond monitoring for failure prevention, we have now advanced the usage of HUMS data into the realm of operating cost reductions,” said Steve Bohlman, SAS director, Global Service & Support. “By obtaining FAA approval for our methodology, we have achieved an industry first. Extending the life of a component through individual aircraft usage monitoring is an important first step in using HUMS data to proactively reduce the operating and maintenance cost of the S-92 aircraft.”