Signature Aviation opens renovated Anchorage FBO


Ineriour and counter images at Signature Flight Serices East.

Signature Aviation has renovated and reopened its facility at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alaska.

The new facility will provide services for transpacific and great circle rout traffic for operators that choose to stop over in Anchorage, as it is located on routes between Asia and Oceana to the US, as well as on European routes to the US West Coast.

The renovated terminal, built within the former Kulis Alaska Air National Guard facility, includes a 13,900sq ft passenger terminal and a 90,000sq ft ramp, as well as a US Customers and Border Protection station within the FBO. This will allow US-inbound flights to clear customs quickly before continuing to any destination in the US.

The FBO will be able to perform technical stops as quick as 60 minutes while simultaneously refueling and letting passengers and crew clear of US Customs, according to Signature.

Other amenities include the large, private-use aircraft ramp that, a complimentary snack bar and a large executive conference room.

“Signature’s Kulis terminal for private aviation is helping restate the importance of Anchorage as both a global crossroads and a destination for private aviation,” said Geoff Heck, senior VP of Global Operations, Signature Aviation. “There is simply no better, faster or more reliable tech stop option available to operators that frequently find themselves travelling between Asia and the US than that provided by Signature Anchorage.”