Signature Aviation makes LAX FBO 100% sustainable with blended SAF


World’s largest operator of private jet terminals Signature Aviation announced that it has replaced all their jet fuel with a 30% blend of eco-friendly sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) made by Neste at its Los Angeles facility (KLAX).

The Los Angeles facility joins Signature’s San Francisco FBO which has already made the switch to 100% SAF.

“This is a transformative time for Signature, and our partnership with Neste is helping us take another significant step towards net zero by providing a 100% supply of blended SAF at our Los Angeles location,” said Derek DeCross, company’s chief commercial officer.

“This collaboration exemplifies how we’re working together with both our guests and our partners to accelerate the adoption of environmentally friendly practices and paving the way for a more sustainable future in aviation.”

Signature said that customers who don’t want to pay the SAF price that it won’t affect them as the premium will be transferred to the book and claim system.

The system allows customers to buy SAF credits at any Signature location globally, paying the price difference. They’ll get environmental credit, but the actual eco-friendly fuel will be used by another plane elsewhere, like in Los Angeles where it’s available.

The operator recently passed the 30m gallon mark in terms of total SAF delivered throughout its network.