NBAA: Sheltair and Avfuel supplying SAF to Embraer for BACE


Sheltair Aviation is providing Embraer with safe storage and handling services for Avfuel sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) ahead of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition.

Sheltair’s Melbourne, Florida (MLB) base has taken delivery of a truckload of Avfuel’s Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel on behalf of Embraer as part of the Brazilian firm’s recently-announced commitments to sustainability.

The load ensures that Embraer aircraft could fuel up with SAF before flying to its static display at BACE.

“Sheltair is honoured to support Embraer’s commitment to climate action with safe, dependable fuel handling and storage services for its SAF,” said James Toler, general manager at Sheltair MLB. “We couldn’t be prouder of aligning with such sustainably-minded organisations in Embraer and Avfuel and thankful for the trust Embraer puts in the Sheltair team to deliver on its needs.”

The SAF from Avfuel, which is produced by Neste, provides just over a 19t reduction in carbon emissions over its lifecycle per 8,000-gallon truckload compared with petroleum-based jet fuel.

Embraer set out its multi-pronged sustainability plan back in August. The plan includes carbon neutral operations by 2040 and the launch of its zero-emission eVTOL aircraft by 2026.

Embraer president and CEO, Francisco Gomes Neto, said: “At Embraer, we recognise the urgency of the climate crisis and we are fully committed to a more sustainable future. We are stepping up our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint by remaining dedicated to innovating solutions that have a broader impact for our customers, our local communities and our aircraft.”