Shannon Airport welcomed procedural change


Change allows for much faster turnaround for business aircraft at airport

Shannon Airport has welcomed a procedural change for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that clears a significant hurdle with regard to capitalizing on business aviation opportunities for the airport.

Welcoming the revised procedures by US authorities, which will enable much faster turnaround for business jets, Mary Considine, Shannon Airport director said this is a very important development for the airport.

“This change in procedure clears one of the most important hurdles that was in our way in terms of maximising the opportunities for significant private and corporate jet business at Shannon. As a result, over 200 US domestic airports can now receive international business jet flights directly from Shannon that have pre-cleared US Customs and Immigration at Shannon without delay.”

“The new process will ensure an enhanced US pre-clearance process at Shannon and guarantee quick aircraft turnarounds. For any operator who requires a fuel stop on the North Atlantic, pre-clearance is an added bonus.”

“We are grateful to the US authorities for this change and, indeed, to the National Business Aviation Association for their efforts in this regard.”