Sentient Jet’s 2022 offsets at 300% over 30,000 legs


Sentient Jet claims it has made the largest emissions offset of any private aviation firm, with a 300% offset across 30,000 legs flown through 2022 so far. The reduction in emissions, in large part down to Sentient’s enrolment in 4AIR’s programme, has surpassed 2021’s levels

The offsets are equal to planting 345,000 acres and nearly 5,000,000 trees or providing the energy for an entire average US town for a full year, according to 2021’s US Census Bureau estimates. Sentient Jet’s carbon offset programme supports a variety of renewable energy and forest conservation projects.

Andrew Collins, president and CEO, Sentient Jet said: “We chose to focus on a more comprehensive offsetting program, as we knew this was the best method to help reduce the footprint of our client’s flights while also taking definitive steps to reducing emission levels. Within 18 months we’re extremely pleased with the success of this program, but of course we’re always looking for ways to improve and evolve our ongoing sustainability efforts.”

“We hope Sentient’s sustainability efforts can become an example for what the private aviation industry as a whole can accomplish in terms of making meaningful steps toward reducing overall emissions and prioritising our planet,” said Collins.

As noted, Sentient Jet’s initiative comes from its partnership with 4AIR, the private aviation sustainability rating system. Sentient Jet’s offset programme “goes beyond” by offsetting all aviation emissions, including water vapour, aerosols, and nitrous oxide.

Kennedy Ricci, President, 4AIR said: “Sentient Jet continues to demonstrate true leadership by committing all of its flights to 4AIR’s Emissions Neutral level on behalf of its clients. Sentient goes beyond just carbon neutrality, addressing the impact from CO2 and non-CO2 emissions in a truly comprehensive fashion.”