SD’s Plane Simple gets STC approvals from FAA and EASA for Falcon 7X


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Satcom Direct (SD) Plane Simple Ku-band antenna system has received FAA and EASA supplemental type certification (STC) approvals for Falcon 7X aircraft. 

SD worked directly with Dassault Aircraft Services in Little Rock, to obtain the STC, releasing the corresponding Plane Simple Ku Service Bulletin for the Falcon type in April 2023. The Ku-band antenna variant can now be installed through the Dassault factory MRO and Dassault Aircraft Services network.

Jim Jensen, SD founder and CEO, said: “We are proud that Dassault recognises the advantages delivered by the Plane Simple system and how it can enhance connectivity on the Falcon airframes. The STC makes the full Satcom Direct ecosystem of hardware, software, ground infrastructure, cybersecurity, and award-winning customer support immediately available to this set of Falcon owners.

“We are raising the connectivity bar with this whole new class of antenna hardware that has been purpose-built for the business aviation sector. More importantly, it gives customers greater flexibility, cost-effective connectivity options, and a single resource to fulfil every connectivity need,” said Jensen.

The antenna installation requires fitting two-line replaceable units, the tail-mounted antenna and the SD modem unit. The latest certification comes in the wake the existing Dassault Falcon 2000LX/LXS/S approvals and 900EXy/LX obtained earlier this year.

Geoff Chick, senior vice president, Dassault’s worldwide service network, said: “Falcon aircraft are known for being technologically advanced, and the SD Plane Simple antenna system is the perfect complement to our aircraft. The system has already demonstrated its capabilities by performing flawlessly on our Dassault Falcon 2000LX/LXS/S aircraft, and we’re pleased to add the new STC to our customer offering. We’re confident our operators are going to be delighted with the reliability, performance, and the added value of SD customer service.”