SD launches cyber security portfolio at NBAA


Alarm at companies’ lack of awareness of potential cyber security threats has prompted a connectivity provider to take action.

Satcom Direct has launched a suite of cyber security services and products at NBAA-BACE this week, ranging from a free educational kit to a three-part workshop that will be part of the National Business Aviation Association’s Certified Aviation Manager qualification.

“We are alarmed at how many companies we speak with have not addressed the potential threats of a cyber security attack on their aircraft network. [These attacks] can damage reputation and finance, and are becoming more frequent. That’s why we’ve developed a set of services that provide practical solutions, supported by accessible training options,” said SD’s chief commercial officer, Chris Moore.

The free Cyber Smart Kit outlines the issues surrounding cyber attacks on executive jets, aiming to help flight departments to understand the common threats to data security using real-world scenarios and educational material.

The Cyber Security Solutions suite of services provides practical ways to protect the integrity of on-board data, including network evaluations, onsite risk assessments, threat analysis and monitoring, and a private network that enables IT departments to treat corporate jets like other office locations.

The Cyber Security Risk Management for Flight Departments course aims to improve operations teams’ understanding of the implications of, and how to resolve, cyber attacks. It has been approved by the NBAA and will make its debut next June during the Association’s annual training day.

“We are committed to keeping business aviation connectivity safe, and created the Kit to raise awareness and our Cyber Security Solutions products to actively defend networks in flight and in the hangar,” Moore added.