SD completes integration of Polaris Aero FlightRisk into SD Pro Preflight module


Satcom Direct completes Polaris Aero

Melbourne, FL. – 8 September 2021 – Satcom Direct, the business aviation solutions provider, has completed the integration of the Polaris Aero FlightRisk, advanced risk analysis system, into the PreFlight module of the SD Pro digital flight operations platform.

Mutual customers of SD and Polaris Aero now have immediate access to the full scope of the multiple-data-source risk assessment and mitigation advisories generated by FlightRisk, directly from the SD scheduling, PreFlight module.  As scheduled flight data is inputted into SD PreFlight, it is automatically transferred to the Polaris FlightRisk tool. The information exchange returns immediate, validated mission critical information, which is displayed in the SD PreFlight module. The automated sharing of data reduces errors by negating the need to double-up on manually entering information into the SMS.

With the high-level risk analysis the flight operations team and crew can make informed decisions about any necessary flight plan modifications.  Users can seamlessly switch to the Polaris FlightRisk interface with a single click, for richer in-depth analysis about any hazards identified, and further recommendations for risk mitigation.  To support the integration, and ensure users maximise the full scope of the FlightRisk tool, education and training is being made available to all SD customers via Entry-into-Service workshops, training videos, and online manuals, accessible through SD Pro support tools.

“With this alliance we are harnessing the power of data management to deliver crucial, trustworthy information directly to the flight department and crew. The ability to access this repository of information through a single platform improves efficiencies, while providing real-time risk analysis to underpin critical decision making. This enhances safety and situational awareness, which is vital in today’s dynamic aviation landscape,” said Jim Jensen, Founder and CEO, Satcom Direct.

Chris Connor, CEO of Polaris Aero adds, “The ability to immediately analyze risk based on specific missions, as entered into the SD PreFlight module, is invaluable across the flight department. The multiple data points relating to pilot, environment, airfield, and aircraft ensure a comprehensive hazard assessment. This objective analysis allows our mutual customers to review detailed recommendations about necessary flight planning modifications from a single dashboard. Our alliance with SD reduces pilot workload, which results in safer skies for all.”

An open architecture platform, the SD Pro digital flight management system adds value to the user experience through integration of carefully selected third-party suppliers. The synchronized planning information, which originates from multiple sources, is integrated into a single dashboard, to support more efficient scheduling, management and operation of aircraft. FlightRisk from Polaris is an advanced risk assessment system that provides real-time hazard identification and custom advisory messages. The completed integration enables pilots, operators, and flight departments to strengthen safety management systems through heightened awareness, communications and efficiency.