Scott IPC and Satcom Direct announce SDR Flight Data Integration


Scott Plot

Fort Collins, CO – 1 December 2020 – Scott IPC and Satcom Direct (SD), the business aviation solutions provider, announced today a new integrated data solution for joint Satcom Direct Router series (SDR), and Scott Plot Electronic Plotting solution customers.

By the end of 2020 customers will be able to use the SDR or SDR Gateway as a GPS data source to accurately depict the aircraft position on Scott Plot, Scott IPC’s worldwide Electronic Plotting Chart, without the need for additional GPS hardware. With GPS location, ground speed, and indicated altitude information provided in real-time by the SDR, Scott Plot will have direct access to this high confidence data for use within the plotting chart.

When connected to the SDR’s Wi-Fi network, Scott IPC’s customers will receive accurate and reliable position information from the aircraft.

“Scott Plot relies on this consistency and accuracy to assist the user in obtaining an improved state of situational awareness. Scott International Procedures is excited to work with such an outstanding organization as Satcom Direct. By adding this data source, Scott Plot will provide crews with additional operational confidence and safety,” says Phil Tyler, Director of Business Development.

The SDR is a business aviation connectivity platform that enables customers to connect to onboard systems, make and receive calls, text, email, connect to the internet, and stream data on the ground or in the air, anywhere in the world. The router automatically senses and selects the best connection available, either satellite network or cellular, and uses cutting-edge technology to compress and cache data, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective transmission of information.

Scott IPC’s Electronic Plotting solution offers pilots everything needed to plot their oceanic crossing and train offline to ensure proficient use of the tools and features. The SDR integration will be available in the next version of the Scott Plot app, expected to be released in the next 30 days.

“Satcom Direct has long been appreciated and seen as an innovator with leading edge technology solutions. This relationship with SD allows Scott IPC to grow and innovate its line of support products for our clients around the world,” adds Shawn Scott, co-founder Scott IPC.

“The relationship with Scott IPC epitomises our commitment to supporting best practice in flight operations through enhanced training, services and products. This translates into improved safety standards across the industry, as well as augmenting pilot professional development. It clearly demonstrates how optimizing connectivity and data through integration with like-minded partners can improve the flight experience for all,” adds Satcom Direct President Business Aviation, Chris Moore.