SchedAero adds TSA No Fly List for its US members


The new module will speed up operator’s compliance processes

SchedAero, an
online scheduling and fleet management system for small operators and brokers has
recently added a TSA No Fly List module to its system for US members. In
addition, the company has extended its service to 20 new members. The smart new
module features a unique way of checking the TSA No Fly List that can
drastically speed up an operator’s compliance processes.

“As the FAA raises their requirements it has become essential for smaller
operators to streamline their processes in order to keep up,” said Niklas Berg,
managing director for SchedAero. “This is where SchedAero fits in. When you
consider that a typical smaller operator is often upgrading to SchedAero from
white-board scheduling or excel spreadsheets you can see that it is absolutely
essential they have access to an easy-to-use system for coordinating their

“Having everything one place, FBOs, caterers and other airport info, makes our
job so much easier,” says Wendy Heller, charter dispatch for A-OK Jets.

SchedAero also features a fully integrated quoting engine that makes it quick
and easy for members to generate and send professional-looking quotes.

“SchedAero has improved our workflow by making it easy for any member of
our sales team to create professional-looking quotes for our clients,” says
Joshua Marc Hebert, chief executive/founder of Magellan Jets, “We love the
auto-complete functionality, the comprehensive database of aircraft types,
tail-numbers, photos and amenities as well as the ability to attach terms of
service and other documents to our quotes.”

These features, in combination with the TSA No Fly List checking system makes
in simple for smaller companies to streamline their business practices,
increase efficiency and speed up their FAA compliance processes.

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