Satcom Direct partners with Polaris Aero to enhance accuracy


Satcom Direct is teaming up with Polaris Aero, the flight risk analysis and safety management system (SMS) provider to enhance the risk assessment and mitigation process for mutual SD and Polaris customers.

The new integrated data solution enables SD PreFlight users to automatically send tail number, trip planning and duty information data to the Polaris FlightRisk® application. The Polaris system then analyses the data and displays the high-level risk analysis to users in the SD PreFlight module, accessed via the SD Pro platform.

Customers benefit from time savings and improved accuracy as each analysis uses real-time data provided by the SD PreFlight module to streamline the risk assessment process.

SD PreFlight customers now have complimentary two-year FlightRisk subscription.

“At SD we are focused on delivering trustworthy data via SD Pro to underpin decision making. With the integration of Polaris we are enabling shared, proactive risk mitigation which improves business aviation safety and continues to raise the standards of the sector,” said Chris Moore, president business aviation Satcom Direct.

Chris Connor, CEO of Polaris Aero said, “The alliance gives our mutual customers detailed information on which to base pro-active risk mitigation strategies, which is vital for an effective SMS.” 

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