Satcom Direct adds Dual Dissimilar tech to portfolio


Connectivity provider Satcom Direct has added Dual Dissimilar technology to its hardware portfolio.

The new tech will equip an aircraft with both Plane Simple Ku-band and Ka-band tail mount antennas. The two antennas operate on different wavelengths, meaning customers can benefit from better global connectivity.

Having two antennas also increases the amount of data that can be transmitted to and from the aircraft. Data can be prioritised to chosen passenger devices so that key stakeholders can maintain connection even when the demand in the cabin is high.

Validation of the Dual Dissimilar has been taking place on the Satcom Direct Gulfstream G550 during daily operations. The aircraft completed a transatlantic route from Rotterdam Airport (EHRD), The Netherlands, to Melbourne Orlando International Airport (KMLB), Florida in January. During the flight, 40 devices had constant coverage for streaming, avionics and multiple applications for airframe and personal devices.

The technology will be integrated with each satellite partner’s network infrastructure as well as Satcom’s Network Operations Centre (NOC), enabling Satcom to predict and resolve any service interruption.

“When integrated with our hardware, software, airtime services and infrastructure, customers can acquire, manage, upgrade and troubleshoot all their connectivity services with just one phone call,” says Jim Jensen, CEO and founder, Satcom Direct. “Our cohesive offering futureproofs the aircraft for software and satellite advancements, making staying connected much more convenient, cost-effective and simple.”

It is estimated that the technology will be available for purchase when the Plane Simple Ka-band tail mount antenna is commercially introduced at the end of this year.