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Sarah Dyke is a partner in the banking and finance department of SNR Denton's London office and has a broad experience in private aviation.


Sarah Dyke is a partner in the banking and finance department of Dentons London office and has a broad experience in private aviation.

Sarah Dyke, SNR Denton
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Sarah’s advice

“It is important to appoint the right advisers who have knowledge of the corporate jet market, are used to running deals involving a number of different jurisdictions and who are able to understand the commercial aspirations, as well as the legal points. These deals need to move at a fast pace, there is a huge amount of paperwork and numerous parties and jurisdictions that need to be juggled.

“Having the right adviser can often mean the difference between the transaction closing smoothly, on time and on budget, and it overrunning with costs rocketing. As lawyers, we can only do so much, so we need all of the parties to be focused and responsive… a good sense of humour also helps.”


“I got in aviation completely by accident. I was placed in our asset finance group as a first seat trainee, and the first deal I worked on was an aviation deal acting for Sabena. I absolutely loved my seat and ended up qualifying in the group 18 months later.”

Client testimonials

UK banker: “Whilst part of another bank’s Structured Asset Finance team, I was heavily involved in the credit approval and transaction execution of Corporate Aircraft transactions. We often came across Sarah when she was acting on behalf of one of our clients.

“It might sound strange nominating a lawyer “on the other side”, but in many ways that is the acid test. The best compliment that I could pay to Sarah is that if any of our client’s had not selected their own counsel, then we would always suggest they give her a call.

“She was always extremely deal focussed, and never lost sight of the end result (namely, that the client wants the aircraft, and the bank wants to finance it). A point that I find is lost on many lawyers as they engage in theoretical legal or drafting arguments, or petty “point scoring” against the opposition counsel.

“The majority of our transaction were hugely time critical (i.e. aircraft about to deliver, pre-delivery payment due etc), and Sarah had the happy knack of drilling down to the key points that the client had (as well as understanding what the bank’s issues were). Accordingly, when I spoke to Sarah I knew that we were discussing real commercial or legal points that were important to the client, rather than points aimed at “improving” the drafting of our counsel’s documentation.”

UK Banker: “We have a reasonably sized corporate jet and helicopter portfolio, and it’s fair to say that we regularly rely on Sarah’s input and guidance – often well beyond what you would normally expect from a commercial law firm.

Their knowledge of our deals, the market, and our own risk appetite means we can ask for their input knowing that we’re handing over to a safe pair of hands. Bearing in mind how much input they often have, their fees are very reasonable as well… certainly my first point of contact when any issues arise.”

Official biography

Sarah Dyke is a partner in the Banking and Finance department of the firm’s London Office specialising in asset finance. Sarah has broad domestic and cross-border asset finance experience and acts for UK and overseas financiers, banks, leasing companies, lessees, airlines and borrowers. Sarah specialises in:

  • All types of leasing and financing involving assets in transport, infrastructure, energy, medical equipment, plant and machinery, equipment for renewable energy sources, media, IT and telecommunications;
  • General asset finance work including receivables financing, vendor programmes, invoice discounting and factoring;
  • Financing of commercial aircraft and corporate jets and helicopters involving a variety of jurisdictions including advising on defaulting borrowers and lessees, repossession of aircraft and restructuring of deals;
  • Structured financing transactions involving films, computer games and intellectual property rights.
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