RVL flies far and wide for longer in July


RVL Group

20 August 2020 – Specialist aviation services provider RVL Group notched up a record number of flights and flying hours in July, underlining the company’s strong progress and recovery from the operational challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

East Midlands Airport-based RVL completed a total of 374 flight sectors during July, shuttling between 42 different airports in 13 different countries in the course of more than 515 hours of operations.

It was a record flight tally for RVL in terms of ad hoc operations and was, says Richard Baker, RVL’s Head of Flight Operations, a technical and logistical tour de force by the company and its staff.

Baker said: “July marked a big upturn in operational activity for RVL, with all of our pilots and every single aircraft in our fleet playing an active role. Behind the scenes the whole company pulled together to help achieve these results, with flawless operational planning, logistics and maintenance ensuring the smooth operation of every flight.”

In addition to the multiple inter-UK shuttle flights, hauling cargo and personnel that form RVL’s staple schedule of operations alongside its aerial surveying work, the company undertook many flights on behalf of its cargo and passenger charter clients. These included a trip to the Faroe Islands airport of Vágar, known for its tricky visual approach; another to Billund Airport, Denmark, and one to Vigo in Western Spain.

The relative lack of passenger air traffic over the UK during July continued to assist RVL and its aerial survey client partners, permitting RVL aircraft an increase in flight frequency and duration, as well as better access to some usually congested areas of the country.

Dave Connor, Managing Dircetor of RVL Group said: “July was an exceptional month for RVL Group and all the indications are that August is going to prove just as busy for us, if not busier. Given the difficulties that the Covid-19 crisis has thrown up not only for us but for all businesses in every sector, it is an encouraging sign that we are moving towards some form of recovery.”

“Our team has the capability to respond quickly to all challenges, which is why we at RVL are equipped and able to support our wide range of customers on a continual basis,” added Connor.