Tupelo Aviation joins Avfuel network


The fuel service FBO at Tupelo Regional Airport is undegoing a complete remodeling and refit of the buildings and facilities

Avfuel has announced that
Tupelo Aviation has joined their branded network.

“We’re excited about
the remodel, which we’re estimating will be complete by the end of the
year,” said David Smith, FBO manager at Tupelo Aviation.

“Once complete, the
facilities will include a large conference room, kitchenette, crew lounge,
passenger lounge, snooze rooms, modern flight planning room, crew cars,
showers, free WiFi and more. We’ll essentially be able to accommodate any
request,” Smiith said.

Tupelo Aviation has a
spacious ramp that has the capacity to handle aircraft of all sizes up to a 757.

According to Smith, the
choice of Avfuel as a fuel supplier fit perfectly with the Tupelo Aviation
current business model and future plans. “Avfuel’s pricing and programmes
are unmatched. We’re excited about what Avfuel can bring to the table.”