Rudy Tenore joins Aeronautical Systems


Rudy Tenore, the former head of aircraft asset management at Bank of America Leasing, has joined aviation consultancy Aeronautical Systems.

Tenore, one of the most highly regarded business jet asset mangers, left Bank of America Aircraft Leasing last year. He has merged his start-up company V2 with Aeronautical Systems.

Aeronautical Systems is a well-respected boutique appraisal company. It was founded in 1986 by Randy De Long and Joe Zulueta both well known business aircraft appraisers. In October 2017 they hired Jason Calloway from CIT Business Aircraft Finance where he was vice president of asset management.

“Rudy chose to join with Aeronautical Systems’ founders Randy De Long and Joe Zulueta because of their professionalism, dedication, diversity of service offerings, high ethical standards, and commitment to best-in-class products and services,” said Aeronautical Systems in a statement.