RUAG completes repaint on Global XRS business jet


RUAG Global Express XRS

RUAG Aviation in Munich has repainted a Bombardier Global Express XRS on behalf of long-time customer SBK Holding Ltd. RUAG optimised the downtime associated with a scheduled 15-month inspection.

“Our business jets customers can expect a flexible and integrated approach from a responsive organisation.”

Volker Wallrodt, senior vice president Business Jets, Dornier 228 & Components, RUAG Aviation in Munich said: “Our business jets customers can expect a flexible and integrated approach from a responsive organisation.”

“Our status as a full-service Bombardier authorised service centre, combined with our one-stop shop of quality aircraft support solutions, ensures our Bombardier customers have access to all services within the same designated downtime,” added Wallrodt.

SBK Holding Ltd decided in favour of a full repainting, instead of only partial, along with the exclusive design and the work-intensive process, shortly before the aircraft arrived for its maintenance visit. The decision was made to choose the Carboneum design by Didier Wolff, designer and founder of Happy Design Studio.

Didier Wolff said: “RUAG Aviation’s craftsmanship and painstaking attention to every last detail allowed them to accurately reproduce my design, especially the intricate honeycomb effect on the engines and the carbon fibre weave pattern on the tail. Hand-painting this particular detail, while time intensive, ideally captures the innovative beauty of the design, as well as ensures improved durability, over and above the preprinted adhesive foils generally used within the industry.”

Kemal Pehlivan, marketing manager, SBK Holding Ltd added: “Our goal, as a class company is to provide an innovative platform for businesses and interests to increase their collective and individual value, within a framework which supports sustainable growth. We chose RUAG Aviation as our partner because they have continuously proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner in the support of our aircraft and any necessary service it requires. They have again proven their excellent reputation for guaranteed, reliable one-stop shop solutions, including premium quality aircraft painting.”