RUAG carries out simultaneous C-checks on two Dassault aircraft


RUAG hangar Geneva

RUAG Aviation has conducted C-check inspections on two Dassault aircraft simultaneously. The aircraft are a Falcon 2000 Classic belonging to a VIP customer and a government-operated Falcon 900B. The project is expected to require a total of between 1,000 and 2,500 working hours.

To create the extra capacity required for this major project the Geneva-based company introduced double shifts from Monday to Thursday.

The Falcon 900B – built in 1997 – is now on its third C-check, meaning that an inspection of the landing gear is also due. The Falcon 2000 Classic – built in 2003 – is on its second C-check and requires an overhaul of its landing gear. Once the Falcon 2000 has been reassembled, it will be ferried to Munich-Oberpfaffenhofen, where it will be completely repainted.

“Our regular and close dialogue with the customers proved crucial,” said Gerald Moget, sales manager of RUAG Aviation in Geneva. “For example, when our team discovered irregularities on one of the aircraft, we informed the customer immediately. They, in turn, approved the necessary work to rectify the damage and precious time was saved in the process.”