Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion upgrade for King Air B200 and B300 series now certified in Europe


Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion for King Air

Cedar  Rapids, Iowa – Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion avionics upgrade for Pro Line II-equipped King Air B200 and B300 series aircraft has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

JetSupport B.V., headquartered in Amsterdam, is the first European dealer to complete a Pro Line Fusion upgrade for the King Air B200, which completed its first flight on 4 September.

The upgrade previously was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2016.

Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion upgrade for King Air B200 and B300 series turboprops provides turnkey compliance with airspace modernization deadlines and transforms the flying experience with the largest widescreen primary flight displays available. It enhances the aircraft’s value with the same icon-based, touchscreen technology found on new-production King Airs and is the first touchscreen primary flight display to be certified for operational use.

“The installation completed by JetSupport is proof of the trust customers have in the Pro Line Fusion product, as well as the quality work provided by Rockwell Collins dealers located around the world,” said Didier Perrin, senior director of Commercial Sales and Services for Rockwell Collins in its Europe, Middle East and Africa region. “Pro Line Fusion breathes new life into these aircraft, bringing compliance with airspace mandates and sets the stage for flying in the Single European Sky.”

Features designed to improve situational awareness and reduce pilot workload for the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion upgrade for the King Air B200 and B300 series include:

  • A fully loaded package of baseline equipment for operation in modernizing global airspace – ADS-B mandate compliance, SBAS-capable GNSS, localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) approaches, radius-to-fix (RF) legs and more
  • Three 14.1-inch widescreen LCDs with advanced graphics, configurable windows, and touchscreen interfaces – matching the display configuration of the latest King Air models delivered from the factory
  • Market-leading high-resolution synthetic vision as a standard feature, including Rockwell Collins’ patented airport dome, and extended runway centerlines
  • Touch-interactive maps with eyes-forward flight planning, high-resolution topography, real-time onboard weather radar overlays, obstacles, and special-use airspace and search patterns
  • Geo-referenced electronic navigation charts that display own-ship aircraft position
  • Easy and fast database updates using a standard USB drive port on the front of the displays