Robi Lorik sets the course for the aviation future of PWI


Robi Lorik

Wichita, KS – February 19, 2019 – The Board of Directors has unanimously appointed Robi Lorik Chief Executive Officer effective immediately for PWI. Robi Lorik becoming CEO is an indication that PWI is ready for accelerated growth in aviation. Robi has new ideas and a new philosophy that will disrupt the aircraft lighting industry.

After being a part of PWI for 43 years, Robi is ready to take the company to the next level. He has an incredible ability to inspire, energize, and connect with employees, partners, customers, and leaders. Robi’s vision, strategy, and execution is exactly what PWI needs to meet planned product innovation and growth.

When Ken Blow, Vice President of DQA for Kadex Aero Supply, was asked about his opinion on Robi becoming CEO he stated: “We are thrilled to hear that Robi has accepted the position of CEO/President.  He is a champion of ‘Family Values’ and ‘Commitment to the Customer’ that is becoming harder and harder to find in today’s big corporate environment. It’s almost impossible to do business with Robi and not become his friend. PWI is in good hands.”

Robi Lorik’s leadership, dedication to his employees, customers and innovative ideas are just what PWI needs to lead the company into future growth into the aircraft industry.

Since being established, PWI has grown from coil winding to a diverse range of aircraft lighting products and more. PWI manufactures several interior lights for Beechcraft King Air aircraft and has in-house ability to design, engineer and manufacture all types of electrical assemblies, electronics contract manufacturing, magnetometers and customised LED lighting solutions.

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