Rizon Jet introduces ‘Rizon Rates’ for maintenance


‘Rizon Rates’ for maintenance services as company expands capabilities.

                         Rizon Jet Rizon Rates
Rizon Jet, headquartered in Doha, State of Qatar, is now allowing customers to buy blocks of aircraft maintenance hours at discounted rates known as ‘Rizon Rates.’

The new rates will be offered over a tiered pricing structure, whereby the more hours purchased, the larger the overall savings, resulting in potential savings of over 43% on maintenance labour costs:

  • Rizon Rates Silver 500 hours, expected savings up to 27%
  • Rizon Rates Gold 1,000 hours, expected savings up to 33%
  • Rizon Rates Platinum 2,000 hours, expected savings up to 40%
  • Rizon Rates Fleet 4,000 hours, expected savings up to 43%

Rizon Rates hours are applicable to any type of maintenance hours: scheduled, unscheduled or AOG maintenance hours. They do not expire and may be utilised for maintenance at both Rizon Jet facilities, in Doha, Qatar and/or London Biggin Hill, UK.

While the Rizon Rates Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are aircraft specific (and transferable), the Rizon Rates Fleet plan hours may be used for any aircraft in a specific operators fleet.

Rizon Jet’s CEO, Captain Hassan Al-Mousawi said: “We are confident that our new Rizon Rates program will redefine the trust relationship between operators and the MRO. It will also provide the business aviation sector with a long missing element of maintenance cost management, a simple tool for controlling maintenance labour costs.”

“The demand for maintenance support of UAE registered aircraft is constantly growing. We are therefore pleased to provide our clients with this additional capability to our service offering in the Middle East, further supporting the continued growth of our MRO network,” says Captain Hassan Al-Mousawi. “We are steadily working to expand our service offerings for the benefit of our customers, as we are committed meeting their maintenance requirements to ensure their safety and security.”

Rizon Jet CAMO has also added a Cayman Islands Part M approval along with the induction of a privately operated LR60 aircraft managed by Nexus of Saudi Arabia. To extend capabilities further, Rizon Jet Qatar has formally made AMO applications with Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs and the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, expecting approvals before the end of 2012. Furthermore, the team progresses efforts for wheel workshop approvals, expecting approvals in Q1 2013.

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