Q&A: Rex McGreevy, Charlie Bravo Aviation


Rex McGreevy is a sales executive at Charlie Bravo Aviation.

Rex McGreevy is a sales executive at Charlie Bravo Aviation in Texas and an all-round aviation enthusiast.
Rex McGreevy is a sales executive at Charlie Bravo Aviation.

Rex McGreevy is a sales executive at Charlie Bravo Aviation.

Why did you become an aircraft broker?

“I began working with aircraft when I was 15. For over 15 years, I worked at various airports in the US tending to general aviation ground operations and sales and business development for companies like BBA Aviation, DayJet and Joliet Avionics.

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“At one point in my career I took a break from aviation and branched out into professional selling for large technology and eLearning companies. I enjoyed selling, but I felt disconnected from my true passion: aviation. I realised that aircraft sales is where I belong and where I want to be. It took a while but I’m very glad to be here. I love what I do.”

What was the first aircraft you sold?

“A Gulfstream G550.”

What is your favourite aircraft?

“A Gulfstream G650.”

Do you have a pilot’s license?

“I’m actually in the middle of finishing up ground school and plan to complete my private pilot rating soon. I currently have around 42 hours. I plan to continue to work on my ratings and eventually work my way into turbine and jet aircraft.”

How many aircraft do you sell per year?

Charlie Bravo typically handles 20-30 transactions per year.”

Do you think you could sell anything?

“Not necessarily. I could never sell something I didn’t believe in. I could never put someone into an aircraft that didn’t meet their mission profile and personal/business requirements. I think I can sell anything, as long as it’s a good fit for the buyer.”

Would you ever use eBay to market an aircraft?

“We have used eBay to market a turboprop in the past. It ended up with a positive result and a successful sale. I am not necessarily for or against the use of eBay. I’m a huge fan of the Internet and social media outlets to make buying, selling and trading aircraft easier for buyers and sellers. Regarding eBay or other web-based marketplaces, the only advice I can offer is: BUYER and BROKER BEWARE!”

What is the difference between a good broker and a bad broker?

“A good way to test a broker is to ask for market intelligence, seek out transaction history and make sure they know the markets well. Find out how often they track these markets.

“A good broker knows the market and is committed to finding you the best aircraft for your mission and business or personal objectives and needs. Knowing the market is mission critical for a client when it comes to the buying and selling of an aircraft.”


Rex McGreevy handles Gulfstream, Embraer and Dassault private jet transactions for Charlie Bravo Aviation in Texas.

You can contact him by telephone: +1 512 868 9000 or e-mail: [email protected]

You can also follow Rex McGreevy on Twitter: @WheelsUpATX