Revenue and deliveries up at Gulfstream


Gulfstream’s parent company General Dynamics has reported a rise in revenue and deliveries for the third quarter of 2015.

The company’s revenue saw a 2.4% increase, whilst outfitted deliveries jumped up by 38% when compared to the same period in 2014. Revenue data for General Dynamics includes figures for Jet Aviation.

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Although the company doesn’t give delivery figures by aircraft model, Gulfstream delivered 31 Large cabin jets, and 12 mid-size cabin jets.

The mid-size cabin segment, which at Gulfstream includes the G150 and G280, saw a 100% jump in deliveries, from the 6 aircraft delivered in Q3 2014, to the 12 aircraft in Q3 2015.

Speaking during General Dynamics Q3 2015 Investor Relations call, Chairman and CEO Phebe Novakovic said that order intake during the quarter was strong, with roughly half of the company’s orders coming from outside of the core US market.

“This was our strongest third order intake for in the last four years. And by the way, it follows the strongest second quarter intake that we had in and seven years last quarter.” said Novakovic, “Our North American sales activity remains good. And this quarter we saw some resurgence in the international market. Interestingly with about half of our orders coming from ex-US, Asia, Pacific Rim, Australia, Latin America, Mideast. So nice broad order interest and order activity.”

Novakovic also said that the company had received G650 orders from China, Japan, Brazil, and Eastern Europe during the quarter

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