Research from Colibri Aircraft shows 2% rise in asking price


New research from London based Colibri Aircraft, which specialises in the marketing, resale and purchase of pre-owned private aircraft, reveals that at the start of this year, globally the average asking price for 13 of the most popular pre-owned jet models that were available to buy globally, was 2% or $139,709.4 higher than in January 2018.

Of the 13 popular private jet models reviewed, there were 335 pre-owned jets for sale in January 2018 for an average asking price of $6,259,434 and the corresponding figures for the same month this year were 302 and $6,399,143. In total, these 13 models account for over 20% of the pre-owned private jet transaction market.

This rise in asking price is in stark contrast to earlier years where Colibri Aircraft’s research reveals the average price of these pre-owned jets in January 2017 was $7,967,097, and for the same month in 2016 it was $9,371,304.

Colibri’s research reveals that of the models of private jets analysed the biggest rise in pre-owned asking price is the Challenger 605 (super mid-sized jet) which saw its asking price rise by a staggering 30% between January 2018 and January 2019.  This was followed by the Gulfstream 200 (mid-size) that saw its asking price increase by 22%, and the  Falcon 7X (heavy jet) and Challenger 604 (super mid-size) which both saw increases of 11%.

In terms of which aircraft saw the biggest falls in asking prices between January 2018 and January 2019, The Hawker 800 (mid-size) fell by 23% and the Citation Mustang (light jet) fell by 12%. (see notes to editors for a full breakdown of the research).

Oliver Stone, Managing Director, Colibri Aircraft said: “Demand for business is aircraft is holding up, and this combined  with a significant fall in the number of these jets  available for sale – there were  10% fewer in January this year than the same time in 2018 – means prices have been rising.”

Private jet pre-owned aircraft for sale: Asking prices

 Model of private jet Jan-18Jan-19
# For SaleAvg Asking Price# For SaleAvg Asking PriceChange (£)Change (%)
Falcon 7X (heavy jet)22$21,965,00015$24,490,000$2,525,000.0011%
Gulfstream G550 (heavy jet)23$23,398,75023$23,078,000-$320,750.00-1%
Challenger 605 (super-mid-size)16$10,125,00013$13,128,333$3,003,333.0030%
Challenger 604 (super-mid-size)35$4,343,58319$4,823,750$480,16711%
Citation XLS (mid-size)23$4,201,87513$4,279,250$77,3752%
Citation XLS+ (mid-size)7$6,379,0008$6,775,000$396,0006%
Gulfstream G200 (mid-size)31$4,055,00023$4,965,000$910,00022%
Hawker 800 (mid-size)59$1,850,71051$1,420,205-$430,505-23%
Hawker 900XP (mid-size)19$3,996,25017$4,358,750$362,5009%
Citation CJ3 (light jet)17$4,133,33329$4,101,727-$31,606-1%
Citation Mustang (light jet)38$1,840,33339$1,622,727-$217,606-12%
Embraer Phenom 100 (light jet)31$2,323,80134$2,393,000$69,1993%
Embraer Phenom 300 (light jet)14$6,937,50018$7,662,500$725,00010%
Total for Sale335$6,259,434
 302 $6,399,143


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