REN Legal – REN is TEN!


Belstone Tor

London, UK – 9 October 2020 – To mark their tenth anniversary, a band of hardy souls from REN Legal travelled to Dartmoor recently for a Ten Tors challenge. This involved a hike of around 30 miles through peat bogs and running water, in most cases well off the beaten trails in a quest to bag 10 of Dartmoor’s most scenic Tors. We’re delighted to confirm that all made it around the course without serious injury.

REN Legal sends out heartfelt thanks to their many clients who have supported them during their first 10 years. Times are hard in the industries they serve and they stand ready to support for their clients now and into the future.

They are acutely aware of the severe difficulties caused to many charitable bodies as their usual fundraising sources and activities have been severely curtailed. On their tenth anniversary, REN are delighted to continue supporting the aviation charity fly2help with a donation of £10,000.

For those not familiar with this charity and the amazing work it does, please visit their website: