“Relentless commitment” to customer service sees decade of growth for Signum Aviation


A highly skilled team providing exceptional customer service is the key to a decade of success for a UK flight support services company.

Signum Aviation is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month, and attributes its success to focusing on building personal relationships with customers rather than using technology to streamline its processes.

The company says this is reflected in its 100% staff retention rate and the fact that most clients have been won through word of mouth, as well as its 52.75% compound annual growth rate for the past six years.

“In contrast to many flight support companies, who invest in technology systems to streamline customer handling, Signum Aviation’s customer-centric approach places a strong emphasis on having a skilled team who knows their clients’ operations and specific requirements in detail,” said a Signum spokesman.

Signum was founded in Chester in November 2007 with a single client, operating two aircraft. It now has a team of ten who handle an average of 150 flights per week – more than 7,500 flights a year – for aircraft ranging from Citation Mustangs to Boeing 747s.

The company provides a range of services including flight planning, overflight and landing permits, runway analysis and flight watch services.

Its clients include heads of state, governments and high net worth individuals in Europe, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

MD and founder Jonathan Gill, pictured celebrating Signum’s birthday with his team, said: “The highest levels of bespoke and flexible flight planning service provided by a proactive team able to respond to any aviation situation were qualities we had in mind when Signum Aviation was launched.

“In just ten years, Signum Aviation has become a benchmark company in the business aviation industry, as a result of not just offering a premium flight support service but also through our sheer dedication and relentless commitment to our valued clients.

“Our tenth anniversary is a proud moment in our company’s history, but it is also a special occasion to thanks those without whom this achievement would not have been possible – our customers, industry partners and our professional, hardworking and highly-qualified team.”

Signum would continue to invest in its personal service and product portfolio, in order to expand its client base, and would “make further inroads” into its growth markets, especially North America, he added.