Rega signs contract for a GrandNew helicopter simulator


Rega, the Swiss SAR and EMS service has ordered a new helicopter simulator from AgustaWestland

Rega A109AgustaWestland has signed an a contract with Rega, the
SAR and EMS provider, for the supply of a state-of-the-art advanced simulator
to meet the training requirements for Rega’s new fleet of Da Vinci and GrandNew
light twin helicopters. The simulator, designed and produced by AgustaWestland
in Sesto Calende in Italy,
will become operational in 2012 and is planned to be located adjacent to Zurich Airport
in Switzerland.

AgustaWestland will provide Rega with a Level 3 Flight Training
Device / Level B Full Flight Simulator featuring a GrandNew light twin
helicopter with IFR cockpit to offer VFR/IFR single and dual pilot flight and
mission specific training. The simulator will help familiarise pilots with the
latest technology found in the GrandNew cockpit, which features Flight-Logic
Synthetic Vision EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) with a FMS (Flight
Management System), HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System), HITS
(Highway In The Sky) and embedded flight recording functions.

AgustaWestland will also provide technical support and
assistance in maintaining the device.

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