Randy Miller named Paint Shop Manager at Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek Michigan


Randy Miller

Lincoln, NEB. — Duncan Aviation announced that Randy Miller has accepted the position of Manager of the Paint Shop at its full-service facility in Battle Creek, Michigan. Miller assumed his new responsibilities in August 2021, after having performed maintenance on aircraft at Duncan Aviation for the last eight years.

“With Randy’s years as a Team Leader in the airframe department, he has an understanding and drive to achieve our customers’ expectations,” says Director of Aircraft Maintenance Travis Grimsley. “Bringing this dedication and passion to the paint shop will ensure they continue to provide a high-quality product and exceed customers expectations!”

Miller worked for several Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) stations before coming to Duncan Aviation eight years ago. Prior to that, he worked with cars. As much as Miller loved using his mechanical skills in the automotive field, after a dozen years, he was ready to make a change. While reading an article about an opening at the Detroit Institute of Aeronautics (now called the Michigan Institute of Aeronautics), Miller applied and was admitted to the two-year program. When he was finished, he had earned his Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) licenses.

“I plan to restructure a little and add a third team to increase our efficiency and capacity,” says Miller. “We truly have unlimited potential here. We have a great product right out of the hangar now, and I’m pleased with our level of service, the quality of our work, and our attention to detail. Nothing is broken, so I don’t need to fix anything. However, we can make the most of our hangar space and manage time more effectively by adding another team.”

Miller attended his first industry paint forum in Provo, Utah, last month, and he found it especially valuable. These small forums allow invited industry paint professionals share information in an effort to collectively raise the industry benchmark, reduce corrosion and improve painter safety.

“It’s a good way to locate resources and meet people in the industry with whom we can work in the future,” says Miller. “I learned a great deal at the forum and look forward to attending again next year.”

Outside of work, Miller and Christa, his wife of 29 years, enjoy spending time with their four daughters: Maddie (17), Izzie (15), Kayla (13), and Abby (10). The girls are all involved in various sports and dance, and they enjoy attending those events. When they have free time as a family, they ride bikes and go camping in the RV they bought, completely gutted, and refurbished a few years ago. They especially enjoy camping at Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana, and at Ja Do Campground in the Irish Hills of Tipton, Michigan.