Proposed new office top helipad for Widnes


Part of the Stobart Group plans for new distribution centre in Widnes is for a helipad on top of the 12 storey office building

Southend Airport hotelThe Stobart Group recently put forward plans to the authorities in Widnes for a large distribution and biomass centre,
included in those plans were a proposal for a 12 storey office complex with a
helicopter landing pad.

The Stobart Group as well owning a number of large distribution centres
in the UK, currently own two
airports, one at Carlisle in the north and London
Southend Airport
to the east of London.
London Southend Airport
recently started the building of a hotel near to the airport which should be
ready by the start of the 2012 London Olympics. The airport now has its own
railway station that connects directly into Liverpool Street Station, a few
minutes walk from the City of London.

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