Private Jet Services launches PJS Private Client


Private Jet Services has launched a new service PJS Private Client, designed to improve the speed, ease and transparency of booking private travel. PJS Private Client has no membership fees, with funds in a JPMorgan Chase escrow account, according to the company.

Jon Reed, chief sales officer, Private Jet Services said: “The old paradigm, marred by hidden costs, flawed business models, and restrictions, no longer serves the refined sensibilities of today’s discerning high-net-worth individual.”

A refundable minimum deposit of $100,000 is held in an escrow account with JPMorgan Chase, ensuring security. “Each client is granted guaranteed availability of aircraft. The model forgoes the constraints of membership and interchange fees, placing the client’s desires at the forefront,” said Reed. Private Jet Services is part of Elevate Aviation Group.

Its president Randy McKinney said: “Beyond travel, our PJS Private Client offering encompasses advisory services, ranging from meticulous aircraft management and acquisition/disposition guidance to large group charter coordination, incentive travel arrangements, and the formulation of decisive emergency/evacuation response plans.”

Elevate Aviation Group’s other wholly-owned subsidiaries, in addition to Private Jet Services, include Elevate Jet, Keystone Aviation and, and Elevate MRO.