Preliminary NTSB reports find Phenom 100 was flying to slow at time of crash


Embraer Phenom 100 flying

A preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says that the Embraer Phenom 100 which crashed into a house this week was flying too slowly. It was on final approach to Montgomery County Airpark.

The crash killed all three people on board the aircraft (MSN82/N100ED) and three people who were inside the house.

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During a breifing at NTSB headquarters, Robert Sumwalt told reporters that the Phenom 100s stall warning was sounding for the last 20 seconds of the flight, indicating that the aircraft was travelling to slowly to keep flying.

Pilots who witnessed the accident told NTSB investigators that they saw the aircraft wobbling out of control as it was on its final approach.

Local weather reports indicate 10 mile visibility and light winds at the time of the accident.

One of the aircraft’s wings detached during the crash. This led to a fire that destroyed one house and badly damaged two others.

The NTSB say that at this time in there investigation there is no evidence that the Phenom’s engines malfunctioned or any indications of a bird strike.

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