Ports of Jersey submits application for three aircraft hangars


Jersey Airport hangars

Ports of Jersey is applying for permission to build three new hangars at Jersey Airport, to meet increasing demand for hangarage space from aircraft owners.

If its application is approved by the States of Jersey’s planning committee, each of the hangars will measure 21,500 square feet, and will be built on the western part of the airfield by a local contractor, in partnership with Canadian manufacturing company Sprung. The £10m project is likely to take up to two months to complete.

Interest has been expressed by five potential clients and, with the planning application now submitted, Ports of Jersey is in a position to negotiate terms.

Lee McConnell, corporate and general aviation development manager for Ports of Jersey, said: “This significant investment by Ports of Jersey is sending a positive message to the global business jet market of our increasing confidence in the corporate aviation industry. [This] can only improve our credibility and visibility internationally in this forum, which in turn will attract more inward investment, aviation activity and local aviation sector job growth.

“We currently have a strong foundation of private aircraft based in Jersey, some of which are looking for new facilities. We also benefit from the island’s strategic and geographical location within two of Europe’s busiest aviation traffic zones for corporate jet traffic, namely Paris and London. This may attract additional off-island aircraft also using our facilities as a stop-off location for garage and fuel services”.

Apart from the prominent London airports, Jersey is considered to be the fifth busiest airport for corporate jet movements in the British Isles.

computer generated image of the proposed Jersey Airport hangars