Police raid Steve Varsano’s London jet showroom


Police raided Steve Varsano’s The Jet Business Showroom in London last week.

 No charges were made.

 Several people accused the business jet showroom of holding a party and breaking Covid-19 restrictions.

They mistook 70 cardboard cut-outs that Varsano, the founder of The Jet Business, had bought to celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend Lisa Tchenguiz.

 “I got raided by 10 police in the afternoon while setting up and in the middle of a closing call on a G650,” Varsano told Corporate Jet Investor. “It was a busy day.”

Varsano used the office’s video wall to arrange a video conference with more than 500 of his and Tchenguiz’s friends.

 The offices were visited by police twice. The second group arrived during the live call and wished Tchenguiz a happy birthday live on the call.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said they had received six reports about a gathering of people at premises in Park Lane.